Tips on Settling Into a New Home After a Post-Retirement Move

If you’re planning to move after retirement, you aren’t alone. Many older people decide to make a transition at this point in their lives. Some may choose to be closer to family, for example, while others may decide to downsize to a smaller house or apartment. While moving has benefits, it can take time to settle into your new surroundings and feel at home. This guide provides some tips to help you complete a seamless transition.


Take care of basic setup and maintenance tasks

The first thing you want to do when you move is to make sure you have access to the basics, like electricity and running water. Research how to get utilities set up in your new home before you make the move. For example, in Washington D.C., you’ll have to contact the relevant energy provider as well as the D.C. Water and Sewer Authority. Once this step is done, take care of essential repairs in the home. You want to ensure your space is safe.


Embrace inexpensive decorating solutions

After essential renovations are done, it’s time to start decorating. Peel-and-stick wallpaper is one practical way to decorate your interior. It’s easy to apply, as you can reposition it as needed, and can give any room an elegant appearance. You can create custom wallpaper for your home through online printing platforms. This ensures that your design will be on hand. You don’t have to worry about it being out of stock and can get it delivered quickly.


Incorporate personal touches to make it feel like home

You want your new space to feel like home as fast as possible. You can expedite the process by incorporating personal touches throughout the space. My Unique Home offers ideas to create that customized feeling, like creating a photo wall with family photos and displaying personal belongings—such as souvenirs from trips. If you’re a creative type, you might even consider making some of your own interior decor items, like paintings, to display.


Make your outdoor space usable

 If your home has an outdoor space, don’t ignore it—make the most of it! There are many ways to ensure this area is usable. For example, you can add seating to create an outdoor dining space. Simply sprucing up the landscaping can also make a big difference. Add flowers to bring some color to your yard. When selecting blooms, opt for all-season flowers that will give you some vibrant color all year round, like adeniums and hibiscus.


Add security measures for peace of mind

A big part of feeling comfortable in your home comes from feeling safe. You may worry about security as you’re still settling into a new space. Installing some security technology can go a long way toward easing your nerves. For example, you might have an added security lock installed, set up video cameras, or opt for a smart home protection system. With these modern tools, you’re able to check security cameras via mobile phone wherever you are.


Get to know your community

Settling into your house is only one part of feeling at home. You also want to make sure you’re integrated into the greater community. Make a point of getting to know your neighbors and getting involved in your surroundings. Championing local businesses is another way to meet area people. An area blog with a neighborhood focus like Live + Dwell DMV blog provides plenty of resources to connect you with your community, from restaurant reviews to event guides.


Moving to a new home can be a great way to start your retirement on a fresh page. However, it may take some time until you feel at ease in your new surroundings. The above tips can help you settle in more quickly.


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